I help impact-driven women like yourself feel revitalized and focused so you can lead and inspire with confidence by realigning your mind and body through intelligent movement.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I've developed the ProBalance® Pilates Movement System to efficiently transform how you feel by improving how you move so that your best self can maximize life.

Being revitalized both on the inside and out looks like:

  • Feeling and looking younger than my chronological age
  • Having the stamina to deal with day to day challenges without losing sight of what's REALLY important to me
  • Feeling strong physically and mentally so I can create change for the better
  • Being focused, efficient, and motivated
  • Traveling the world and positively impacting it along the way
  • Living like I’m 25 again with with the razor sharp mentality and maturity that appreciates every ounce of where I am today.
  • Feeling like my best years are ahead of me not behind me
  • Being able to participate in activities that I love like hiking, running, kayaking, sailing, golf, tennis, walking, cycling, and dancing without being fearful that my body can't handle it.
  • Feeling confident, vibrant, and relevant.

Sound familiar?

I think we all want to feel this way as we look to present our best selves to the world, including me.

Whether we're dealing with the mind or body, you’ve got to know where yours has been, where it's at now, so you can know where you want to go."  My Active for Life Elite Membership helps take this concept to the next level.  To learn more, watch my brand new video series.

Ada Wells, DPT, PMA®-CPT

I transform how you feel mentally & physically by utilizing an intelligent, Pilates-based approach to defy aging, to restore balance, & to perform at your peak in all aspects of life. 

In addition to the ProBalance Physical Therapy & Pilates studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have established online fitness memberships (ProBalanceTV) & elite group fitness programs for professionals and influencers seeking to regain control of their health & the trajectory of their lives without getting sidelined by pain, injury, stress, or lack of time.


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